Index of Abuse and Recovery Articles

Basic Information and Safety

You Must Hide Your Internet Use
Why You Need a Safety Plan – Brenda’s Story
Stalking — Why You Don’t See It Coming
Domestic Violence Shelters — The Basics
What Does Abuse Look Like? – Cheryl’s Story
Who is an Abuser?
One State’s Penal Code Definition of Domestic Violence
Definition of Domestic Violence Based on Victims’ Experiences
Thinking of Leaving Your Relationship? No Children
Thinking of Leaving Your Relationship? Children Involved
How Dangerous is Your Partner?  Q and A
Let Me Tell You What’s Going Wrong

Domestic Violence Updated — Evan Stark on Coercive Control   (Includes a 25 minute video linked and a second, longer talk to professionals in the field, with history, and much more detail.)

What is Domestic Violence?
Words that Describe Abuse – Name It to Tame It

Effects of Abuse, Trauma

Parents from Hell – What Do We Owe Them As They Age?
Why Don’t People Care?
Abuse With a Side of Rejection
What Are the Laws About Marital Rape?
Family Abuse, Evaluating Your Experience
Selections from “Coercive Control” by Evan Stark
Too Scared to be Afraid
Why Don’t Women Report Their Attackers?

This is a Trauma-Informed Environment

Real Stories

The sweatshirt case – Cheryl’s Story
Stories from Real Life:  Angela
Maureen’s Children – A Co-Parenting Story


What Can This Website Do for You?
When Religion is Part of the Abuse
What Does It Take to Recover From Abuse?

Books That Explain Abuse and Recovery